Been a slow burn…
Ok, the site has been up for nearly a month now, and we haven’t sold so many tee shirts. Which is a real shame, the cost being the main contributing factor!

I always listen to my wife, Sam says I don’t, but I bloody do!
So, after mind melding with my wife Samantha, who is a whizz with anything technological, and internet marketing thingy reduced the price of the shirts to £15.99.
This is a shame because it’s going to reduce the charitable contributions to over 50%. More on that in a minute.
I get it though, things are tough out there, most of us work for government institutions, where pay is a real issue, but I am not going to go down that debate here.

Tax Man gets their slice!
Another issue is the contributions itself. The other week, I had a lovely conversation with Milly Larner from the Soldiers Charity, yep, donating to the charities isn’t as straightforward as just sitting outside ASDA with a coin pot with your polished gongs on show.
The charities are governed by strict rules relating to donations by the HMRC, and that the contracts by making things official in any capacity would be financial suicide for both ABC and the charity.
So the donations will be donated in an informal way until my organisation gets any real traction in the marketplace. Apparently, the donation is also charge VAT, unbelievable right, shame on you Ms May!

The Day Job
Also, maintaining the page is challenging. I work in the health service, as an Orthopaedic surgical assistant, so I am very busy changing peoples hips and knees, which can be often, long days at the operating table. After a busy day at the coal face, the last thing I want to do is park myself at the computer and chase emails orders and other stuff that makes the world go round, so you just need to be patient with me

Lessons to be learnt…

So what started as something that I thought would take off, hasn’t. I guess its the long road to generating the following and the sales before any significant donations can be made.
Stay frosty and hit the buy tab, and grab a gleaming piece of kit.