Frontline to bread line…
This headline was taken from the Daily Mirror a while ago, I have no shame with this plagiarism….. because this headline is the very truth we are about to face!

I have been on the front line as a soldier and currently as a healthcare professional, and want to address some of those unspoken issues faced by those who serve our country.

Why are we in a situation where nurses and veterans are having to use food banks?

As one of the richest countries in the world, where people that serve their communities in healthcare and soldiers who have protected their country are having to use food banks to service and feed their families?

Something is very wrong in this country when people that care and protect us when we need it are then left with very little to service on themselves

Introducing The lunatic, Mr Hunt!
Who said he would only lift the public sector worker pay cap above the 1% threshold when healthcare workers become more productive!

Are you fucking kidding me! Biting my tongue whilst still feeling valued, and putting my foot through our TV!

Productivity in healthcare has risen whilst investment has dropped, fact.

In other words, your rational expects human beings who serve your constituents and who go above and beyond to do more for less.

(If I was to report on here what actually goes on in public health currently, I would be struck off!) maybe one day!

So let us talk productivity Mr Hunt, does this apply to you and your pay rise (and the rest of gormless criminals that govern us).

A bottom-feeding MP in 2007 (one year before the financial meltdown that affected all of us), enjoyed a salary of £62,000. Nine years later, the same worthless bottom feeding scumbags now enjoy a salary of £72,000, an increase of £14,000. Just to save you getting our your calculators out that is an average of approximately 17% pay increase.

I couldn’t read anymore because my anxiety was increasing my blood pressure.

But just to add to yours before I move on, the pay scales of these guys are in the public domain, if the same worthless idiot was too loose his job through being voted out for not doing their job right, they still get paid extortionate amounts of money, called ‘Life after Parliament’. I wonder how much my employer would give me if they had fired me from my job, let me guess….zero!

Now, I am not lamenting about how shit life on the breadline is that is another story altogether.

I made my choices and knowing full well, that being in healthcare or the military will not earn you bags of cash.

My mortgage will increase by £65 next month, of which the 0.5% pay rise after tax won’t even cover. With fuel prices up, utilities and council tax rising. Due to inflation, my annual expenditure for 2017 has increased by £605 in pounds and pence.

So in answer to the Prime Minister’s glancing answer to a pertinent question, the complex answer to the complex question is quite simple in my humble opinion as an ex-serving soldier and medical professional!

Pay your public sector workers their worth and value their efforts to keep this country healthy.

Value your serving military with a decent wage so you can sleep at night with the knowledge your protected.

The military covenant set up in 2011 by David Cameron, abide by it and give the veterans and their families of this country some meaning for their service, simply ignoring the covenant will wind the government up in court, costing the taxpayer millions in legal fees.

Simon Hoare MP for North Dorset, a useless tory shit bag whom I wrote to at the beginning of the year and who didn’t have the courtesy to reply to me, replaced an even bigger worthless tory shit bag, Bob Walter, who did reply to me.

I enjoyed a four-page dissertation of why this slug of a man deserved his disgusting pay rise, yet at the time, I was struggling to pay my mortgage as a front line allied health professional.

The struggle is very real, and the statistics are becoming alarming.

The Trussell Trust, that has 400 of the already 2000 registered food banks in the UK provided 9,600 crisis parcels to children in 2012, that figure in 2016 rose to 30,900 children. I find this information so upsetting, it makes me ashamed to be British.

It muddies the service I gave to my country, and the memory of those that gave their today for our tomorrows, of which some were my friends.

The British government ought to be ashamed of themselves.

They are not governing us, nor do they care for us. Their mandate is to take care of themselves first, fleece the exchequer and when we wake up, vote them out, metaphorically skip into the sunset, like the Morecambe and Wise along with their burgeoning bank accounts.

I won’t apologise for the sideswipe there.

My message to you, leading up to Christmas, is to not ignore the supermarket food bank.

It doesn’t take much.
But means so much to those who serve us, and keep us safe and comfortable.

Today as I left the supermarket, I was pleased to see our food bank bin overflowing, and gladly added to it this morning, both my wife and I intend to do a bit more this weekend.

In the season of excess, spend a tenner on your local food bank as well.

I just also have to say, the hero of the month for me this week is Ralph Little, who has taken Mr Hunt to task over lying to the country, which, let’s face it, he has. In the words of my favourite facebook profile (which I won’t name) said:

“let’s hope he doesn’t need a doctor anytime soon”.

If your not familiar with the Twitter spat over the last couple of months, click the link

Don’t forget, you can also do your bit and help. Order your T-shirt today and wear it with pride. Clicking the link, and buying a shirt you are contributing to the solution.

Profit from your shirt will be donated to the named military charities.