Are you a right Ally Bastard?

Every month we will bring you three new t-shirts, each t-shirt is dedicated to a Veterans charity and 20% of the profits of any t-shirt you own will go to that charity.

Be proud to support veterans

My name is John Biddle, ex-member of the 1st Battalion,  Royal Anglian Regiment (Vikings).  Ally Bastard Clothing is a way for me to give back. 

One person every two weeks, that’s directly linked to military service, kills themselves! I know men and women that have served their country and are still fighting battles, physically and mentally, since leaving their theatres of war. We want to make a real difference in counseling, coaching, and housing for Tri-Service veterans. 

It starts here! 

You can now be a part of something that can make a difference, and be proud to have served.

Each month we launch 3 new T-shirts designs inspired by a Veterans charity, and with every T-shirt you buy, you can help support those charities. 20% of the net profit will go directly to military based charities that are not mainstream.